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Conditional Fields/Branching Paths

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Not entirely sure how best to implement this, but the ability to set up branching paths would be useful.

For instance, on a staff application I may have a set of radio/select buttons indicating what team a user would like to apply to. Based on that selection, I may want to display additional fields for questions specific to that team. If someone selects that they want to join my social media team, I may then ask if they are an artist. If they answer yes, then I may have a required field where they provide a link to their portfolio.

If they choose a different path, such as selecting that they want to join HR, that art portfolio field would never be displayed and, despite it being a required field, form submission should still be considered successful despite it not being filled out.

As for implementation, I would prefer to see the form update live based on their selection, however if a paged approach like Google Forms is easier to implement, that's fine too.

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To add onto this, perhaps conditional fields could be based on other attributes as well. Here are some conditions I could think of:

  • User is guest (useful for contact forms. If guest, ask for email. If logged in, use account email). Might be merged into next bullet.
  • User is in certain user group(s)
  • Number of user posts
  • User reputation
  • User Ranks
  • User Badges
  • Account Completion (I want staff to have linked their discord account because we communicate primarily on Discord. I have an account completion step to add this authentication provider. If they have not done so, I may have a Yes/No field that says you are aware that this is a required step for staff.)

Open to other ideas too, if anyone has suggestions. I think I covered most of the typical things.

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