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  • How to Easily Track 404 errors and manage redirects

    Are you looking for an easy way to find 404 error pages on your IPS4 website and redirect them?

    Here we'll share a few ways how to accomplish this

    Why Track and Redirect 404 Pages in your community?

    404 errors are bad for your site’s user experience. If users can’t find the page they are looking for, they will likely leave your site and go to your competitors.

    This means you will lose potential customers and miss an opportunity to convert your visitors into communiy.

    Aside from that, 404 errors hurt your SEO rankings. Search engine ranking algorithms often penalize websites when they run into broken links.

    Method 1: Track & Redirect 404 Pages Using the IPS4 SEO Essentials application (Recommended)

    The easiest way to track and fix 404 pages on your Community is by using the SEO Essentials Application.

    With SEO Essentials you can track your 404 errors and create custom redirects.

    Custom Redirects are also great if you moved a topic to your cms/blog and don't want to lose visitors from external links.

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