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Add sticky notes and messages everywhere on your community with Notices by @Fosters!   Use the default IPS editor to create beautiful and powerful notices with links, quotes, embeds, and styling.  And with powerful options in the application to style, locate, hide, and filter your notices, you can create a powerful messaging system that's tailored for your community.  

  • Greet new members by giving them a friendly "Welcome" notice.
  • Create a tour by only showing target-specific notices in certain applications.
  • Engage inactive members filtering for certain posting dates or ranges.
  • Encourage superfans by hyper-targeting them by reputation.
  • Get repeat business by integrating with Commerce purchases.
  • and more ... !

Create unlimited notices and post them anywhere in your community!


  • Color Style - blue, red, orange, and green
  • Dismissable or Permanent
  • Location - six default locations
  • Floating - allow fixed position to float on viewport
  • Device - show or hide on device size
  • Application - show or hide in certain applications
  • Date - show on specific dates
  • Filters - multiple criteria including group, posting date, leaderboard, reputation, commerce, and gallery (Uses IPS4 Member Filter System)


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On 9/22/2023 at 10:14 AM, Daniel said:

I think it looks better without the padding from the ipsMessage class. 

CleanShot 2023-09-22 at 10.13.13@2x.png


That's how it looks now and it's IMO way too much whitespace

CleanShot 2023-09-22 at 10.12.17@2x.png

This was changed in 2.0.6

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2 hours ago, media said:

So how do i download 2.0.6 looks like it is not on invision marketplace?



Unfortunately, we still haven't finished our backend system yet.

Please send me a PM with the license keys from the apps you downloaded from us and I'll give you access to them.

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On 9/28/2023 at 1:34 PM, media said:

So how do i download 2.0.6 looks like it is not on invision marketplace?



The old purchases have been imported now. You should be able to access the file or renew the license via https://www.ic-essentials.com/index.php?app=dficesubscriptions&module=marketplace&controller=claimpurchase&from=27

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