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    To lower some expectations I'm sharing my plan for the next 6 months:) TBH, I'll probably try to build this project in public and share as much information as possible with you.

    This site was built quick and dirty to have ASAP something as marketplace replacement, but it's not really worth to invest much time and work right now into this project, instead I'm planing for the IC5 future and start using and supporting it ASAP! So you'll probably see it here in action few days after the first public version is available.

    I'm going to sell my premium applications here, but also have hundreds of minor IPS4 & IC5 applications, which will be available to my supporters and subscribers ( I would suggest to take a look at https://www.ic-essentials.com/blog/limited-lifetime-access-offer-r4/ if you want to support me before it really starts)

    I'm also offering Premium Support in English and German, so if you need help with anything, feel free send me a PM or create a topic in the private support forum.


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